A thought-provoking look
at evolving values in
South Korea.


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Twelve aspects of South Korean culture that the author hopes will change someday.


Segura’s in-depth interviews, personal experiences, and the multi-cultural lens through which she views her country, offer a nuanced and pragmatic perspective of Korean challenges and strengths. She spent several years researching (on a few universal topics) in contemporary South Korean culture. 


Through interviews with a diverse group of people–experts in business, innovation and psychology; teachers; parents; artists and business owners—she explored the current state of race relations, gender disparity, communication, family dynamics, education, innovation and design.

Why this book?

There is no reason, in Segura’s view, for South Korea to not only be a powerhouse in innovation and technology, but a leader in human rights and social progress, and a top tourist destination on a par with other small countries with big reputations. Koreans have proved they can change quickly when they are motivated. Individuals may not think that their actions affect the culture or the country, but change happens one person at a time.


Your existing beliefs can dramatically shift when you get a chance to see things from a different angle. Be on the lookout for these moments because you never know when, where or from whom they will come.


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paperback or e-book.